Friday, December 13, 2013

blogoversary giveaway winner!

Thank you everyone for entering the blogoversary giveaway - 40 comments was amazing! So this morning I cut up all the comments, screwed them up tight and put them in the fruit and veg delivery box,
then enlisted the help of my son - you can trust him as he a) is an ethics student and b) doesn't know any of you.

Here he is being impartial (and a little bemused).
 and drumroll.... the winner is
catsmum!!! yayayayayay! Kermit cheering!!

Send me your address catsmum and the book (that I'm in...) will be yours - and maybe a few extra Christmas goodies....


Kit Lang said...

Dammit! I did'na win!

catsmum said...

what a fabbo 60th b'day pressie. Squee!!!!
I would've gone out and bought a copy had i not won, just cos my dear friend felicity is in it.

Living to work - working to live said...

Mucho congrats to Catsmum! Shame I didn't win. Will have to buy the book!! Loving the idea of an ethics student doing the choosing!