Monday, December 09, 2013

Making / re-making

Making is a process, which in terms of the finished thing, is no longer available. Yet 'making' is how things come to be; the 'thing' once finished, is in-process, on the other side; at the moment of its finish it begins and begins without destination, this is its object-ive. This thing touches, stokes, destroys, sets in motion other things, which in turn press it on, free it, make it, and undo it. The thing - thought does the same, and it is made, made and re-made in the same manner.
Jean-Luc Nancy
The Heart of things in The Birth to Presence. Stanford University Press 1993

I found this quote serendipitously on Katherine Bowman's blog  - she is the Melbourne artist who made our wedding rings :)
We particularly liked the lack of perfection in Katherine's work - you can see and feel the marks of making. And the little diamonds in my ring are loosely based on the Pleiades - my favourite constellation that usually appears somewhere in my work. Work full of resonances, referencing the process and continually remaking itself.

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