Saturday, December 26, 2009

ward report

well, the best laid kiffy plans went very much agley chez seahorse. 14 year old a came down with a vile flu-type virus last sunday which i battled against valiantly until 6.30pm on wednesday when i was felled by fever and delirium :( i took to my bed and was prey to bone aches, fever bordering on the hallucinatory

so i have spent most my time since then either in bed or about to stagger back to bed. a and i rose from our respective sick beds yesterday for present opening and then went back missing out on the family cmas jollities and cmas dinner. all rather gloomful, especially as we could hear the neighbours having a fabulous time a couple of metres away.

but fa kiffy did come
presents were opened and recipients happy
and i scored a dremel tool :) i see much drilling in my future

celebratory dinner has been postponed until new year's eve, i think as victim number 3 (12 year old e) succumbed this afternoon

ps see what a wonderful breakfast 4 year old w served up to me this morning - very restorative


Ping said...

You poor darling.

I still managed to cook the turkey with quinoa stuffing and potatoes roasted in duck fat - but couldn't taste a thing!

This sinus infection has now moved into my chest, urgh.

Hope you're getting lots of rest and recovering in time for NYE.

sewjourn said...

Oh dear doesn't sound like a very Merry Christmas......hope you are all much better soon! Am just emailing details of our day at Sewjourn - hope you are fit and healthy by then!