Monday, December 07, 2009

running on the spot

is what the last couple of weeks have felt like.... lots of stuff going on, sick again (sore throat for the nth time this year), away last week for a conference and while i have had lots of transitory blog post ideas trail through my head i haven't had the energy to actually post.

some snapshots:
  • new cup -$2 from the oppy :)
  • family christmas knees up with the obligatory group shot (photos not bullets..)
with great food
including my mother-in-law's superlative club sandwiches
  • letting my toenails dry in my hotel room
  • buying this gorgeous wrap at the newcastle art gallery
  • watching the mesmerising water spray in the fountain outside the gallery
  • getting absolutely and comprehensively soaked at the day on the green concert (mental as anything, the proclaimers and the b52s)
  • doing a bit of fabric painting
and made the annual wiggles pilgrimage - but that's another post :)

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