Wednesday, December 30, 2009


to take our minds off the sadness i took young w on an excursion into Town today - when i was a child this was a Big Deal and involved wearing gloves and my red start rite shoes, holding hands and being good on the tram and was all very noisy and tall and exciting.

even for a 21st century 5 year old a trip into Town is an event: and we took a packed lunch and fruit to keep the blood sugar up without having to resort to golden archery. as it was 37 degrees i did relent and buy w a slurpee to cool his gizzard and we sat in the shade, ate lunch and watched the variety of people swirl around us.i used a couple of myer gift cards to restock my favourite perfume, then we wandered through some of melbourne's victorian arcades and peered through the plate glass of chocolate shops, toy shops and sweet shops. after an unsuccessful search for a swirly straw we hopped back on the tram and came home. and, from my observatory on the tram, i counted 14 obese people between gertrude street and johnston street - that's 3 tram stops of distance.

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Chris said...

Thinking of you and wishing you brighter days soon. Chris