Monday, December 28, 2009

destashing begins

ok folks - i am not going into 2010 carrying this much fabric. i know she who dies with the most fabric wins but we just don't have enough cupboard space chez seahorse to justify the amount of fabric being squeezed into drawers and wardrobes, not to mention the tubs in the laundry and the zip up bags under the bed.

so i have gone through 2 tubs so far and have started to put stuff on ebay. so far there is this,this,thisand this single bed quilt kit by the sydney hand dyed fabric maven lisa walton. it's a gorgeous quilt and one i longed for for ages, it's also a simple pattern BUT dependent on good rotary cutting and i am just not good at it, i'm really not. so it has been sitting in the stash reproachfully for a few years now and really deserves to be made up and put on someone's bed.

it's the first lot and there will be more over the next few weeks - hopefully this link will take you there otherwise go to ebay and look for mittyhaha (it's a long story)

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