Sunday, December 13, 2009

a reluctant mandala

well i think i might have my latest challenge quilt done. i have found this the most difficult challenge so far - whenever i thought 'mandala' i had trouble getting past the conventional mandala images and none of them were particularly inspiring.

i think the combination of constant low level illness, anxiety about getting on with my southern lands pieces and just the headlong rush into the end of the year meant that finding the energy for a different quilt was just too difficult.

on the other hand i did have a rush of blood to the head and thought of 6 new pieces in one morning - including a lunar series which will have to wait until southern lands is done :)
so as i was lying awake at ghastly o'clock last night/this morning i thought i would just hop in a play a bit. arlee has been making domed circles which reminded me of a quilt i started a couple of years ago and this afternoon i just sat down and started noodling away with a piece of dyed velveteen and it morphed into my mandala quilt (i think - inspiration may strike in the last week.....)
and happy day - the figs are ripening :)

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arlee said...

YES, love the velveteen (?) with the circlies--yes yes yes :} whirlpools, wormholes, sea and sky