Sunday, December 20, 2009

kiffy round 1

yesterday we had my half of the extended family here for round 1 of the kiffy* celebrations. unfortunately being a Host i was preoccupied with Hostly preoccupations and didn't remember the camera until things were well underway so i'm afraid there are no photos of the splendid cheeses, dips, olives, sausage rolls and party pies that were consumed with all the enthusiasm and grace of a pack of hyenas around a zebra.....

similarly the Pav** and the fairy bread (known as furry bread in this household) were pretty well demolished by the time i got to record them for posterity.

however fa kiffy* was captured in mid present giving, doing a fabulous job, if looking a little on the slender side... as you can see fa kiffy received a little revolutionary helpwhich may account for the look of trepidation on at least one of the present recipients
although aunty was very excited about hers
round 2 will be held chez scrumpster senior and all i have to do is make mango tira mi su - expect more photos :)

* kiffy and fa kiffy are products of the extremely young w's vocabulary a few years ago
** pav is pavolva and an Australian institution, especially when covered in passionfruit. i used stephanie alexander's recipe and it worked a treat :)

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Stomper Girl said...

my word, that pav looks fabulous! Happy kiffy to you, Lisette, hope Santa brings you what you wish for!