Saturday, October 28, 2006


i am SO proud of myself! after many attempts and much agony of mind, i have finally been able to do foundation piecing!!

i am not good at spatial relations and the back to front, upside downness of foundation piecing has been too much for the seahorsean brain to comprehend.

but i recently bought the fabulous radiant new york beauties by valori wells and she explains foundation piecing in a way that i can understand. and this is the result:
here is the other "working' side - you sew along the solid lines with the fabric underneath, then flip it over, finger press and add the next piece. once you nut it out the process is easy and makes perfect points.

the next stage (attaching the upper and lower arcs) will be done tomorrow.

1 comment:

catsmum said...

did you use any chilli pants fabric leftovers in those points? colour looks kinda similar.
well done btw :]