Sunday, October 08, 2006

more post

lucky me - look what i got in the post :)

a fellow qduer was looking for a copy of homespun and i had read mine so sent it to her. and lok what she sent me in return! a beautifully made embroidered needle keeper/huswif which i think is made by the quilt as you go technique. thanks karen!

and here (at last) is the fabulous janome.

i did some quilting on michael's convergence quilt last night and it worked perfectly. i love the inbuilt walking foot and the hands free function. it was the most relaxed machine quilting i have done. with any luck he may have something to hang in his office next week.


natasha said...

oh my gosh! it is so beautiful. and you can use it all the time, so it makes it even better.

catsmum said...

keep meaning to make one of these even tho I have a pile of pincushions and needle keepers :] such a sweet pattern.
Who's a spoilt girly then?