Tuesday, October 24, 2006

ch.ch.ch.ch.ch.ch.ch.ch.chilli pants!

here's what i made sur le weekend......

chilli pants for M - aren't they groovy? I used McCalls pattern 2586 - very straightforward, although i did leave off the extra cargo pockets and we went for elastic in the waist rather than face the trauma of a drawstring.

after rediscovering hand sewing with the bitty booties i have resurrected the hexagon strippy quilt and have been sewing hexagon flowers on the tram in a very jane austenish fashion. the strippy quilt is fairly simple so i might even finish the top this year. my quilts seem to have to go through an 18 month maturing process - the hexagon one started in may last year i think. they definitely go in fits and starts and rarely get started and completed in one burst of effort. the New Quilt i made in April is the only exception i can think of - i made it in 2 days!

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catsmum said...

hot pants :]
and thanks for the cat fabric ... just got back from town with it.