Friday, October 20, 2006

bitty booties for sam

here are the bitty booties (although i do think the associations with little britain are unfortunate)made for sam who was born on tuesday. they are made from felted wool blanketing, fabulous bee ribbon from Laura Foster Nicholson , silk thread and beautiful embroidery wool from renaissance dyeing.

i can really recommend this pattern - very straight forward and well written - i actually did most of the sewing on the tram much to my fellow passngers amusement and curiosity. i'll definitely make some more of these

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catsmum said...

thanks for the link... they are so cute and look relatively simple to boot [ sorry, pun intended ]
I can see the grand bubby to be scoring some of these... mind you he already has more boottees than he could ever wear!
and I love the train cake ... but I want to see a photo of the goth faces :]