Sunday, February 28, 2010

snapping back

i've been a bit slack for the past couple of weeks - mainly because i've had a lot on. but i should be able to convey some good news shortly (fingers crossed)

last weekend i went to the grampians (which is further from melbourne than i thought - more than 3 hours drive north west - or more than 4 hours if you take a couple of wrong turns as i did and end up on a country road in a state of corrugation, gravel and dust due to be resurfaced and you've turned up at the wrong moment). i went to the grampians texture festival thing and did an amazing cloque workshop with philomena hali - i'll do a separate post as this was a fabulous workshop, despite almost caustic soda-ing my fingerprints into oblivion.

today's news is the unveiling of the next southern lands piece.
emergence #1 is a burnt quilt made of cotton, peach face satin, eucalyptus dyed blanket and synthetics.

as a small conceit, i included the name badge i made before i went to the grampians that looked lovely but was illegible so i had to make another :(

(btw the scrumpster filmed me burning this one - this may appear on his blog or mine)

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Sally said...

Wow. Such a beautiful quilt. You are so talented. I sit here in awe of your work.