Monday, February 01, 2010

school and sewjourn

well, we survived the first day of school (for w) and high school (for e). w and i cried about equally, i think, and i felt anxious all day until we picked him up at 3.30 and i could see that he was ok.

this morning he was firmly against having the traditional first day of school photo and even em couldn't persuade him to face the camera
in creative terms much has been accomplished. i was lucky enough to win a day at sewjourn as part of jan's blog giveaway and yesterday was the day. my lovely sister came with me for a day's pampering (in the form of cups of tea, deliriously light scones with home made jam, lemon slice and a gorgeous lunch) and space and time to do whatever we wanted - sewing, knitting, whatever rocks your creative socks.
i was determined to crack 'creator spirit' and decided that a few strong verticals were needed. after an hour or so of contour stitching and three broken needles, the muse muscled in and took over. she obviously had firm views on the central panel which is now full of sinuous lines of stitching that echo roots of tendrils. once that was out of her system the muse was content and i spent the rest of the afternoon meekly stitching spinifex circles and ended up progressing the sock.
and just to finish here are a couple of gratuitous cat photos with my favourite gratuitous cats


The WestCountryBuddha said...

W looks really cute in his hat :)

Vireya said...

It was great to meet you at Sewjourn!

KJ@SLA said...

Lovely to meet you at sewjourn, and see your lovely work! Kellie

Liam's Mummy said...

It was lovely to meet you on Sunday at Sewjourn. I can't wait to see your wall hanging when it is finally finished.

Suse said...

Oh that final cat shot is fabulous.

I'd forgotten that Sunday was the day. Glad it was so wonderful - I was lucky enough to be a winner last year and it was just sooooo good. And I see familiar faces at that table!

The quilt shots remind me I'm supposed to be collecting them for documentation soon, right? I'll email you.

sewjourn said...

I hope you had a fun day on Sunday - thanks for coming. And your work is DIVINE! Good luck with the exhibition.

catsmum said...

gratuitous felines are always a bonus [ and I refuse to believe that W is going to school - 't'is not possible ]