Wednesday, February 03, 2010


i just read this article on make and meaning about bloggers' attitudes to commenters.

sometimes i wonder if anyone is reading my blog - the map tells me i have people from all sorts of places who have at least found it but i'm not sure whether they reel back in horror (or boredom) as i don't get that many comments.

comments can easily become trophies and the lack thereof a cause for anxiety - i like getting comments, of course i do. but it's not the whole story - for me, the point of keeping a blog is not to collect comments but to document what i do, to keep myself up to the mark, to vent (hopefully not too often) and to connect with like-minded others. i'm usually reluctant to blog if there are no photos to accompany my post as slabs of text are not so inviting (and i'm trying to think of a photo i can put in this post - so far no luck)

i have made some great friendships through blogs - we comment on each others' posts, we ask for and receive advice, we share techniques, we vent and offer sympathy in hard or frustrating times and we celebrate good news.

so this post is probably really a big thank you to everyone who reads this blog whether or not you comment - you are not taken for granted at all


The WestCountryBuddha said...

I once had a friend who said that I probably only blogged for the "positive stroking". I was quite upset because although I love getting comments, I hadn't looked at it as attention seeking or comforting in any way. Having said all that, I do notice some posts get more comments than others, and as a result I tend to write in a way I hope will please others.

There are certain unwritten laws about the etiquette of blogs, and if you are too honest or politically incorrect, I feel you might end up losing your followers. This is quite understandable as people read blogs for many reasons, and being made cross isn't usually one of them. It is however quite limiting sometimes, if you are interested in putting forward an honest self to the world!

I don't understand the comments thing and why some get more than others. I assume the blog writer must leave comments on many other blogs themselves, and that's one reason they have many visitors/commenters?

Anyhow, the alternative blog is very interesting for me as it negates everything I've said above and it's wonderful to be able to say what I want in relative freedom.

Interesting post! Hope everyone who reads it will comment for you (vbg)

Sally Westcott said...

Beautifully said! Both you and your first commenter!

Made me think - Why do I blog?

To be honest - I have no idea!

Is it because I need approval for the work I do?

Is it because I want to share?

Is it because I'm an extrovert? (gee - I thought I was shy)

I really think it is because I want other quilters (with more experience than me) to offer me a critique if they want to, so I can learn. They can't do that if I don't put my stuff out there.

I find so many amazing blogs because people drop in and have a look at what I do!

So, I guess I blog to learn!


Sally Westcott said...

Oops, forgot to say I just love the photo of the beautiful black cat!


arlee said...

When i started blogging, there were very few, period, blogs or comments! I just thought it was a place to keep a journal. When i started getting comments, i was thrilled--even though my father was the first :}I've gone through phases where i'd get upset because no one was leaving a word, other times when i got lots and lots on posts i never thought anyone would respond to!
My site has a stat heavy admin area and i know who the "faithful" are :} That being said, i still blog for me primarily. It's an outlet that lets my whispers sometimes get parcelled up in a big wind, and sometimes be a zephyr on its own.
And there are certain blogs i always read, though i may not post a comment each time :}

Wish my passion flower would bloom again too!

sewjourn said...

I know what you mean.........I don't get that many comments at all but love it when I do........but then there are loads of blogs that I read and often don't comment either. It's not my reason for blogging.

Sally said...

Great post... could browse by it in my reader and not head over to make a comment :)

For myself - I am an accidental blogger and an accidental crafter... but now that I am both I love it and so glad that it has become such a significant part of my life.
I use the craft to keep me sane(ish) and the blog to account my journey. In my "real" life I don't know that many people with similar interests so for me maintaining a blog and commenting on others' is a way of connecting to people with similar(ish) interests.

I'm glad that I have discovered your blog. I may not comment all the time but I am reading.

Anne said...

Blogs such as yours are like wandering into an unfamiliar,small town and discovering it has a quaint cafe which roasts its own coffee beans next to a tiny art museum of rare quality. It is so nice to visit.
I find inspiration and connection when I read blogs even though I seldom comment. I admire those who have the energy to be creative and blog about it as well. Thank you and consider your blogging a form of creating never know who you might inspire to create. Cheers

Cathy (Tinniegirl) said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I really enjoyed this post (including the photos).

The comment discussion is always an interesting one.