Thursday, February 04, 2010

all ruint???

hmmm either i had improved creator spirit or it is completely ruint.

this piece has always been too scarlet for my taste which is why it was thrust into the ufo pile a couple of years ago to be resurrected for a part in the southern lands exhibition.

i thought stitching with rust and ochre threads would help tone down the red but not enough.
sooooo today i decided to attack it with ochre pigment powder mixed with cold wax medium. unfortunately on the first pass there was too much raw sienna and not enough iron oxide in the mix and it looked as if billthedog had used it as a lavatory wiping aid. so i went over it with a rag and more iron oxide and then washed some fabric paint over it with a wide brush.
it's now drying morosely on the kitchen table and i hope hope hopei haven't completely stuffed it up


M* (Melanie) said...

It looks pretty amazing to me!! If it doesn't dry to your taste then there's a place for it here over at Leinster Hall....Perhaps we could do a swap? Looking for a new jug cover???

The WestCountryBuddha said...

Be of good cheer..all will be well. If you don't like it when it's dyed (died) then just start the colourings again. It may end up being better for the journey. (This bit of wisdom I have learned from doing the altered books. Keep going till it gets right)

Neroli Henderson said...

You can never have too much red! (just ask rothko!) so maybe that's why i like this one so much. Not sure if the subject matter I see is what you intended but it goes with the red / sensual look that the colour is associated with etc.