Friday, February 12, 2010

just popping my head around the door

to say hi - is there some sort of facebook/blogger interface thing? i often feel like writing something that's more than a facebook update but not quite so solemn an undertaking as a blog post. i always feel an obligation to put photos in a blog post but blogger makes such heavy weather of it that it takes the post more burdensome than a quick 'hiya'

this week i went back to work and lost the holiday bloom in the first 20 minutes :( a couple of days of acks and pharks and the increasing panic to finish the first bundle of southern lands quilts means i have been a bit strung out.

not helped by my incompetence at making hanging sleeves where i end up with carefully sewn and pressed 9 cm deep sleeves instead of 10cm - what happens??? i measure and cut carefully and somewhere along the line some gremlin comes along and neatly shears off a centimetre of sleeve.

on the other hand i found i can sew a most of a sleeve on a small quilt on the tram between here and work - much to the bemusement and edging away of my fellow commuters - you would think on the 86 line they would have seen worse than a frenzied woman with catawampus hair (thanks to the humidity) wielding scissor, needle and thread on a piece of clearly distressed fabric.... how could that be worse than the usual assortment of junkies, drunks and serious young insects?

after a week of cloying humidity and heat there were some spectacular thunderstorm yesterday leading to flash flooding in the city and some brave souls decided to swim down one of the main streets

w has been ambivalent about school - mainly about being left there with no adult company. but he is enjoying after-care and will start archery lessons this afternoon - i am trying not to think too much about this....

and here is a photo of some of op shop haul from last friday - my lovely sister and i went on an op shop crawl and found a very superior one just down the road. and look look look what lurked in a basket underneath some manky 80s shoulder pads

and the cream bakelite one fits perfectly! i love thimbles and keep misplacing mine at crucial times

well better depart to the hairdressers as i look like the wild man of borneo unsuccessfully merged with farrah fawcett

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