Sunday, May 17, 2009

sur le weekend

this is becoming a weekly update - i seem to have lost my blogging mojo, hopefully only for may. i'll try to be more sprightly in june... let's aim for weekly in the meantime.

this weekend sloth has not been resident chez seascrump. there has been much squirrel cooking (as in cooking like a squirrel not making squirrel broth). the freezer is now full of various casseroles of chicken, lamb shanks and goulash not to mention the scrumpster's magnificent baked beans cooked for hours in the oven. i divided my weekend between the inevitable washing, making 2 new skirts of the leftover fabric from the previous 2 weekends' frocks and 7 jars of plum and raspberry jam. the raspberries were picked at kinglake almost 18 months ago and have been lying mammoth-like in the freezer. luckily the berry farm survived the bushfires - they made the most wonderful raspberry ice-cream...

this afternoon we had a relatively brisk walk along the darebin creek walking trail. bthedog lay down at one point and was on the point of refusing to go on but we coaxed him a little further. i didn't like it as much as the merri creek walk - darebin is much more suburban and as a consequence, comparatively bland. there were a couple of great trees though - the one dubbed by emily "the big awesome tree" and a dramatically dead elm.

then this afternoon i finished skirt a - a simple A line skirt with a stretch bengaline waistband and appliques with some gorgeous laura foster nicholson ribbon which has been in my stash for a long time.
the second skirt has panels of purple kimono and leftover stretch black cotton from last week's frock. i made it more interesting by inserting a red zip, finishing the waist with purple bias binding and appliqueing some japanese fabric circles. i added a yoyo from the same fabric at the end of the zip.oh, and i bought some lairy new socks
back next week with hopefully something more interesting to say


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Well , I suppose you must have sat down for a moment while sewing the two skirts .... or did you do that at the same time as stirring the jam ? It all looks marvellous ! And I love the sound of your well-stocked freezer .....

magsramsay said...

'Squirrel cooking' for the freezer reminds me that we've been eating our way through the 'Hump' ( as a food stash is called in my family) and need to restock.
I wouldn't worry too much about rate of blogging - we all seem to go through fallow periods and then feel we have to say something momentous to get it going again. I seem to have settled on once a week with the occasional lapse or extra post if something interesting happens.