Sunday, May 24, 2009

sunday evening

sunday can be summed up in the word - tired....

we kept will quiet and warm - occupied by making chocolate chip bikkies from this fabulous book i bought em for her birthday. the easiest biscuits i think i have ever made - and i am a regular biscuiteer.

i also made myself a couple of haramaki - see some gorgeous ones here and a tutorial here (because i baulked at paying $US25 for a cotton jersey tube i could make myself) i made a purple and a brown one.

yesterday i painted the connections quilt to deepen the indigo with some ultraviolet and black. i have plans for the next stage.....

but for the moment, early dinner and early bed - and hopefully no more croup



Yummy biccies. Yummy little cat (reminds me of someone, hmmmm, thinks, the disguise is just too good)

Ping said...

Okay, I see what you mean about haramaki - and now I want some!

Glad W is okay.

Any bickies left? :) x