Sunday, May 24, 2009

sitrep sunday

well we're back to normal chez seascrump after a scary night.

william was well looked after at the children's hospital - apparently it was a big night for croup and they were packed to the gunwales with barking infants. they gave him some steroids and he watched the wiggles and wallace and grommit* and was allowed to come home.

so this morning william, the scrumpster and i looked rather hollow eyed and pale but are all much better. it was lovely having will snuggled back in the big bed, breathing a bit raggedly but not that bug eyed panic and fighting for every breath.

and i owe bthed an apology - he was put outside for his pre-bedtime pee and i forgot to let him back in! so he spent the night outside, being the little matchgirl and missed all the fuss. he does have a doona and a beanbag to sleep on in the laundry so he wasn't huddled into a snowdrift but all the same...

*memorably known as 'grollis and robert' when emily was small

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