Thursday, May 28, 2009


alerted by laura at sorrow at sill's bend i rushed over to see what the uk publisher salt had to offer.

in a word - treasure.

if you want to do something to save a stunning publisher from the fallout of the horrible gfc go and buy a book from salt.

i bought this

and this

we need to support companies like salt if we don't want to end up with dreary airport novels or factory churned out diy books as our only choices. i walked around dymocks at lunchtime today - they were having a 20% off sale (just as salt is at the moment) and i couldn't find anything i wanted to buy. their 'history' section was full of world war two or lightweight social histories, their so-called 'literature' section was awash with pot boilers and the australian fiction section was dominated by bryce courtenay.

it was a horrid glimpse into the future if we don't support independent publishers and booksellers.

so go straight to salt and buy a book. or two books. and then go to the hill of content, or readings or their equivalent wherever you live and do your bit to see they stay in business. how dreadful if the cheap greed that caused the gfc meant that we were condemned to battery books....

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Ping said...

After its submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry into copyright of books, Dymocks will not be getting my custom again.