Friday, August 07, 2015

Studio Friday

Friday is officially Studio Day and is supposed be kept clear for that purpose. In practice it's not that easy... But today I really wanted to get ready to use the new press.

I had to clear some space first.
 My habit is to amass more and more stuff (paints, pencils, embroidery projects, books and general creative detritus) until there is no workable space left. Then a sort of domestic Big Bang happens and there's space again. Although not very much, as I have found that I work best in a space of about 12 by 18 inches whether it's work, study or art.

And then I had to pat my new hake blender brushes (sooo soft and they smell slightly of sheep and not factory, which is lovely)

Then I spent some more time feeling anxious about starting a new technique, but grasping the nettle, I plunged in a made some experimental collagraph plates.
 It was a salutary reminder of the utility of experiments and what might otherwise be considered failures. They are perfect for slicing up and using in other projects.

They are slowly drying in the studio - it's winter here so things take ages to dry. Next step is to see if they need any other elements added, then a couple of coats of shellac, or gesso if I'm impatient and then to test them with the press.

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