Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cas Holmes workshop day 2

was equally amazing and exhausting (W had to revive me with ham, cheese and tea when I got home)

Not being a natural joiner-inner and being allergic to groups, I find the whole idea of workshops quite prostrating but Cas Holmes is not just a lovely person, but an excellent teacher - she is the right mix of kind, encouraging, generous and firm - there is a sharing of ideas and conversation but no slacking :) Unusually in my experience, Cas is always asking students what they think, why you might use one medium and not another, how particular colours make them feel. In her class you are always being asked to critically examine your practice, your motivations and your choices.  She also encourages you to take time out if you need it, to step back and away before plunging in again.

As you can see from this photo Cas is typically warm and smiling - she really delights in her students' work and learning.
 Less painting today so by lunchtime my hands were less coloured than yesterday
 and not a great deal more by the end of the day.
I'm sorry to say that my hands were much grubbier than any of the other students - as Hilary said on my previous workshop post, I am indeed the muckiest of pups :) I'll take a photo of my workspace tomorrow as I'm also the messiest student in the room - I really do work best surrounded by chaos and spread over a wide area.

This is my first 'finished' sample piece from the class - there will be more tomorrow.


Velma Bolyard said...

lovely sample, and i like those celtic hands.

Cas Holmes said...

Thankyou for such lovely feedback Felicity. Lovely to meet you. Cas x