Monday, August 17, 2015

Cas Holmes workshop day 3

I'm afraid the third and final day of the Cas Holmes workshop was not a painting day so my hands remained clean throughout.

We worked assiduously on our samples. Typically I hated the first iteration of mine

It looked far too much like something - too predictable. Very unsatisfactory. And machine stitching didn't improve it much.
so, inspired by Cas' abrupt rending of her sample piece the day before - I sliced mine in half and inserted some fabric and lo, it was much improved.

 By the end of the day it looked like this - much better!
The workshop was held at Open Drawer in Camberwell - an excellent venue. The work spaces (plural!) are light and big enough to fit ten students comfortably. Hosts Robyn and Kate are friendly, funny, kind and knowledgeable and, rather dangerously, there is an Aladdin's cave of a shop attached (I will share the spoils of my two trips into the shop in another post). AND there was cake. If you get the chance, I highly recommend doing a workshop there - I've already signed up for my next one.


Velma Bolyard said...

i love that you were dissatisfied so cut the thing and remade! wonderful and brave and ridiculous all together into the new. looks like you have many new tools in your kit. i've enjoyed reading these felicity.

Kristen Delandre said...

I love how your piece looked before you sliced it Felicity, but you sure added to it by cutting it in haft! And great to meet you there and share the Cas experience with a class full of lovely ladies and creative minds.