Monday, November 24, 2014

adventures in casein medium

A couple of posts ago, I spoke of making casein medium using cottage cheese and ammonia. It has been sitting maturing in the fridge (appropriately labelled, of course) and yesterday I had a play to see how well it worked.
It was huge fun. The medium had set like a thick custard or mayonnaise so I watered it down to a wash consistency and stirred in some artist's ink.  Following Antony Gormley's example I brushed it over soaked paper (khadi paper in my case) and then scritched over it with a stylus.And magically the colour surged into the etched lines.

Then I tried writing with the stylus - completely legible when wet, and then less so as it dried, smudging into runic shapes which looks like they out to be able to be read and understood but instead remain puzzling, almost meaning something.

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