Sunday, November 09, 2014

November Song

I had been thinking this is a well-overdue post, but perhaps it is just the right time now to show you my very special birthday present to myself. A few months ago I tipped into another age bracket and needed a few treats and ameliorations to soothe my way into a new decade. And when I saw this beautiful object on the blog of my friend and mentor, Velma Bolyard, I knew it was the rightest of self-presents.

Velma's book, November Song, and its specially-made sui generis box by bookbinder Mark Tomlinson, is the most lovely work of art, skill and spirit.

 Hand-made paper coloured with the alchemy of plant dyeing, the plants gathered by Velma on her daily walks through her country: so many resonances of walking the landscape, singing the landscape, gently gathering the colours and textures and making something quite other. The book like Velma's blog, is an ever-unfolding series of epiphanies, looping back and revealing, then concealing mysteries and stories.


Annabel Rainbow said...

It's very beautiful. Congratulations on that milestone too xx

Susan Iacuone said...

The perfect person to own such a treasure

Velma Bolyard said...

blushing and smiling here. i am happy it's in your hands and heart.

onesmallstitch said...

wonderful self-gift. I have a little book of Velma's ecoprints. Every page is delight-full, each page a tiny world in itself. Enjoy.