Thursday, November 29, 2012


This blogging every day stuff is not easy - I clearly need more filler photos.  Today was full of activity but no photos were taken: you will have to make do with this one, of our preaching pteranodon.
It was a vilely hot 39 degrees here but I had a very cheerful lunch with my ex inlaws, now friends who have been unfailingly kind to me in the 26 years that I have known them. My mum and auntie joined us in a local cafe and much chatting and reconnecting was had.

Then it was a meeting with my lovely supervisor who gave me the glad tidings that the presentation I was going to give next Tuesday has been postponed until February next year - calloo callay!! Hopefully by then I will know some more about the subject (even if I don't feel that I do).

Now back to hip and shoulder some cats away from the air conditioner where they are sucking up all available coolth.

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