Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday afternoon

We have been getting into a new rhythm of going to the Victoria Market once or twice a week and buying wonderful meat, fish and flowers.  Kind Dog has turned into an accomplished chef of various proteins and I have been honing my salad making skills.

Today we bought tuna, pork loin, veal mince, and veal for saltimbocca. The air in the fruit and veg section was heavy with the scents of ripe mangoes, pineapple, tomatoes and herbs. We succumbed to some luscious cherries which are available for about 5 minutes here.

As are peonies which are also lush and brief in their season. And we were really happy to find seaholly which makes a lovely counterpoint in colour and texture.

As we were coming out of the deli section clutching the customary bratwurst rolls, I heard someone call out my name. 1000 bonus points for Fiona for recognising me from blog photos! We stayed in the Burchell's beach house at Aireys Inlet earlier this year and I bought some luscious alpaca fleece from them. It was so lovely to meet them in real life :)

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