Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bali hai

Last month we spent a lovely relaxing week in Ubud.  Surprisingly we found that the rhythm of slothing, a desultory swim or two, room service and a gentle trip into town in the late afternoon suited us very well.
But perhaps the thing that stuck us most was the gentle friendliness of the Balinese - everyone we encountered was polite, kind and seemed genuinely happy. None of the impatient grumpiness that you can find any time here.
I must post on the amazing Threads of Life Gallery too - a wonderful textile and fibre fair trade based enterprise that is focused on preserving and encouraging the beautiful traditional textiles of the Indonesian archipelago.


librarygirl said...

Looks lovely - you look very relaxed x

Kathryn said...

Hmmm, is there a message in reading your last two posts together? The contrast between the gentle, slow pace and genuine happiness of Bali, with the "competition for desk space, head space and time" of "regular" life! This certainly resonated with me and made me reflect on the enforced short attention span required to balance all these activities - even when they are individually really enjoyable and engaging. But maybe that's just me....