Monday, November 26, 2012

paeonies and seaholly

Ok I am now on a mission to post every day until the end of November.  Which shouldn't be the Everestian task that it seems but my blogging muscles are so out of practice....

So here are the paeonies and seaholly that we bought at the market yesterday  - a very satisfying mix of textures and colours.

And on today's to-do list are:
  • finding the right images for a presentation I'm giving in two weeks
  • starting my Sketchbook project sketchbook - I suddenly realised they have to be posted to New York while we're away so I had better get it Done
  • trotting down to the post office to collect a parcel
  • general domestic things like laundry
  • and maybe another row on my shawl
I have been enjoying coming back to doing some knitting almost every day although I suspect this enthusiasm may wane as the rows of my shawl get longer and a row turns into a marathon... Wish you could knit on the plane.

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