Friday, April 06, 2012

hither and yon

the last couple of weekends have been spent away from chez seadog - 2 weeks ago we took the smallest sprog down to aireys inlet and then last week we took a long weekend and flew to hobart. so easter will be spent relaxing, pottering around the house and recovering from having to pick up miss emilia from the airport at ghastly o'clock saturday morning.

aireys inlet was very calm and a beautiful play to stay. the house we rented really was around the corner from the beach and across the road from some very good food shops and a bookshop that was irresistible. there was also extremely good rockpooling.
 despite the rather frigid temperatures young w plunged in the briny and got soaked to the skin very happily.
 he was a very small canute, roaring in defiance at the waves and collecting much beach treasure.

and last weekend we went to hobart for a peaceful but thorough examination of its restaurants, bookshops and antique shops. and, of course, MONA - Hobart's amazing Museum of Old and New Art. among my favourite pieces in this very eclectic collection were julia de ville's kitten throw rug (we thought it work equally well as a very stylish toupee)
and their collection of ancient coins, beautifully and imaginatively presented 
our stop for the first night had amazing views across the river
 and this was the waterfront on our last evening
 we had a lovely time :)

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Kit Lang said...

sounds like a lovely vacay!