Thursday, April 26, 2012

noodling with needlefelting

i have been noodling around playing with my new toy - the embellisher.  i have thought about getting one of these for years but was never sure if they were worth the $500. so many machine needlefelted pieces looked the same and seemed to look like a muddle rather than a designed piece.
but one turned up on ebay and i ended up getting it for half the price of a new one.  and i think i was right - you get some interesting effects, it's fun and quick but i don't think it's worth $500. i don't like the holes left by the needles, so for me it will be a good machine to make backgrounds but not finished pieces.

this is 'wound' in progress - linen covered with silk fibres and muslin, needlefelted then machine and handstitched. 


marion barnett said...

See...I like the holes. It's all texture ;-))). I use needle felting for painting with fabric, just as wet felting is painting with fibres. If I really don't want holes, then I needle felt by hand. Can you adjust the number of needles the machine uses? The less needles, the fewer holes (well, duh...right?). With hindsight, if I hadn't fallen in love with a friend's machine, I probably wouldn't have bothered... as it is, the machine doesn't get used much. I like wet felting.

DIAN said...

Lisette I have an embellishing machine which I bought at a good price.

I love the things it does but I do only use it for backgounds.

It is an excellent way to use left over fibres and fabrics.

I also do hand needlefelting and wet felting. They all have a place.

Kit Lang said...

I use my needle felter more than I thought I would (which I'm glad of as I DID pay 500 for it); the other day someome asked me for examples of how I used it and I was able to link her to 15 pieces (surprising even myself!)

My most recent use of it were the branches in "Spring" - I used it to make the branches and then needle felted the branches directly to the quilt.

As you play with it, you may find it more useful than you expect. Have fun with your new toy!