Thursday, April 26, 2012

some more needlefelting experiments

i have been having a lovely play and exploring the possibilities of the embellisher - as marion, kit and dian commented on the last post it is very useful for making backgrounds. i didn't mean to imply that it is not a useful tool but that a lot of pieces you see made with the embellisher don't go beyond its basic function. and they all look kind of the same after a while. it is another element to add to your repertoire of techniques but it is not an end in itself.

here's the first experimental piece i did with it - ok but a bit limited
then i branched out into Scottish wool tops (from Monika at softfibre) over a black and purple silk cap,
 finished off with neps and some lengths of my own black handspun
 this is an attempted rescue of a piece i started a couple of years ago and abandoned because i didn't like the colours - a bit better but still essentially meh...

 and this is this afternoon's effort,
silk fibres over acrylic felt, silk organza, sinemay and black poly organza, felted, machine stitched and zapped with the heat gun - much more like it

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