Monday, April 02, 2012

spunbond challenge

marion barnett is a UK-based textile artist who recently set up a blog - spunbondsensations - devoted to spunbond fabrics (evolon, lutradur and zeelon) - inspirations, techniques, information sharing and challenges.

i did a piece for the march challenge
called fissures, i played with marion's challenge photo, then printed it onto evolon and lutradur (with much swearing, i might add - there would be no piece without marion's expert and patient help).

these were layered over wool suiting and a piece of scrunched up black kimono fabric; i slashed curves through the evolon layer, then added the lutradur and black tulle, then stitched and burnt back with the heat gun.

the fissures were emphasised by trickling sumi ink down the stitched runnels.
it was great fun to make and now i don't feel cowed by that packet of evolon in the studio...


DIAN said...

I saw this on the Spunbound sensations blog. It is worth all the work you put in.

Kathryn said...

It reminds me of a dried out creek after the fires have been through, with still a glow of the burning embers. Wonderful piece!

spunart said...

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