Sunday, September 27, 2009

what i'm up to

(inspired by the always cheery pip)

Watching :: the world
Reading :: dante's inferno (as previously advised),also the latest interweave knits - not quite as bleh as it has been in the past but still not very inspiring and not much for the grown up lady with bosoms, people!)
Making :: what do you think??? shall we say art quilts and leave it at that
Eating :: ham and cheese toastie
Feeling :: Cold, icy cold
Thinking :: of colours and textures
Hoping :: i will be able to finish everything in time (will i look like this in january as deadlines loom??)
Wondering :: ditto
Hearing :: rain on the roof
Liking :: ditto
Wanting :: more of the same
Playing :: with fabric and ideas
Wishing :: for serenity
Enjoying :: inspiration
Coveting :: endless supplies of silk, linen, cotton, fabric paint, thread etc etc - you know

btw the pic at the top is the to-be-finished-this-afternoon-or perish challenge quilt for the art quilts around the world group. the latest challenge will be unveiled on wednesday

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