Sunday, September 13, 2009


we were woken up this morning at 8 o'clock by the builders next door merrily hammering away instead of being at their devotions. there was resigned grumpiness - the abrupt demolition of the little house next door and the sloooow process of building the new crammed on not-as-ugly-as-it-could-have-been duplex has been going on since january and is wearing mighty thin.

it does mean however that the day has been long and relatively productive - i spent a happy half hour or so sorting through my button stash (seen here in the round box on the right) looking for replacement buttons for some shirts i am gussying up here is a closer view of my bedside catastrophe - moving anti-clockwise (natch) see if you can spot dante's inferno (dorothy l sayers' translation - brilliantly gripping), the old digi camera, some rae's rags threads from beautiful silks, the 5+ metres of lace i bought at a little treasure trove of a shop in clifton hill yesterday along with some mightily bargamonious clothes, my faux-toby scarf, the button stash, some hen's teeth treasures, my jewellery box, a little bastet brought back from egypt by my friend deb, a photo of me as a baby (sadly in need of a frame) and a buddha i bought in darwin.

less appealing was this ghastliness i found in the fridge when i was doing a clean out before the scrumpster returned from his odyssey to the supermarket. at least i could recognise what was in the le creuset casserole but this anonymous foulness - who knows? at least it didn't smell - just glowered.....
finally i took a pale pink linen shirt i was fond of but didn't wear because it was too short and the sleeves too long - so i chopped off the cuffs to make the sleeves 3/4 length and added some of the deep cotton lace i bought yesterday. i going to replace the buttons with some vintage ones i inherited from aunty joan of blessed memory but i'm not sure what to do to add some length - a ruffle might be too much given the voluptuous restoration cuffs - perhaps some dupioni silk in relaxed pleats??

and thornberry - the gathering foot is yours - send me an email so i can post it to you

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Mel said...

hmmm we have demolition derby going on next door too - but not on SUNDAY! Man that ... well, sucks really!

I love that you shared a fridge science experiment! Let's face it - we all have them!

Oh and sorting buttons *drool* my idea of a heavenly hour or so!