Saturday, September 05, 2009

marmalade and such

am still recovering from the shock re-immersion into work

in the meantime here is some marmalade i made using my Mother's recipe - you zhouszge the oranges in the food processor, add the sugar and microwave the crap out of it and 20 minutes later - marmalade!

and here is a shot of the canvas and silk experiment from last week
and the trio of baby artichokes i bought at psarakos yesterday - very soothing

and in answer to previous comments - no i don't have an embellisher - i have struggled with temptation to buy one but at the moment can't see that the price justifies the use it would get when i can make backgrounds in other ways... of course if someone gave me one i would be extremely happy :)

and the emu feathers were bought in alice springs at the todd market - i was assured that they were plucked from consenting farm raised emus.

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