Friday, September 11, 2009

jam fancy

today has been a bit odd - we're all in various stages of lurgy-dom with my voice threatening to depart again - children somewhere along the spectrum of fever and consumptive cough. the weather has been ferociously windy and unpleasant.

so when w and i fought our way through the blusterousness to our usual friday bun shop tryst and i saw these luscious strawberries on sale at the greengrocer's i thought - jam.

for some reason the jam took an awfully long time to cook - the recipe said to boil the strawberries, lemon juice and sugar for 20 minutes or until it jelled. i stopped looking at the clock and just kept testing on cold saucers for what seemed like many waxing and wanings of the moon but was probably an hour.

so the finished product is rather darker than expected although entirely yummy.

and it was a good excuse to wear my new etsy purchased apron


Banaghaisge said...

that jam looks most very yumful! How many did you start with? You can always make them go further by adding apple - kind of bulks it out a tad and MAKES MORE JAM which is the important thang when it is strawbs!
Pancakes for breakfast? With strawbery jam?
And can we have anotehr shot of the Etsy pinny? It looks gorgeous...

M* (Melanie) said...

OH yum! I've never made jam and those photos are telling me that it's time I give it a try. Do you have a good recipe??