Friday, September 25, 2009

diving into the frog pond

i have had a nasty virus this week that sent me back to being as mute as a swan... the sore throat, headache, ear ache, body ache, bone ache sort of virus. not conducive to any sort of work or creativity.

time not spent in bed reading dante's inferno (which is a cracking good read - although i keep finding a spot for myself in almost every circle of hell) i have been trawling around the far reaches of ravelry - also a cracking good read. apart from finding amazing patterns and marvelling at the productivity of some knitters i was inspired to sort through my wool stash, consolidating it into yarn weights and having a good hard look at some stalled projects.

this cardi thing is my first project using the famed noro silk garden and although i loved the experience of knitting the yarn (so soft and silky), i am not convinced about the stripes and much much worse, when i sewed up the first sleeve it is too small. so i am contemplating undoing the sewn together bits and blocking the pieces to see if they will expand and, failing that, sending this project to the frog pond.straight to the frog pond goes the shrug that deflated when i ran out of yarn (rare yarns cocoon in raspberry) inches away from the final cuff. i was so downcast that i then cast it down into the lowest pit of the yarn basket.and i have made the painful decision to frog the interminable cardigan. i tried a couple of rescue attempts with this but it is just too big and boxy and i can use the yarn (jo sharp silkroad tweed in cedar) for something else.


Suse said...

Do you hang out in the forums at ravelry? There are lots of Australian forums, with In Search Of threads and swaps, and Looking to Buy threads. You might find your raspberry wool there!

I posted for a particular yarn and within 24 hours had 4 offers of help, and in turn I have sent two lots of yarn to people searching for a particular yarn to finish off a project.

ps. I don't like Noro stripes either, although it feels like heresy to say it out loud.

lisette said...

i have indeed been trawling through the forums - which is how i found out that the noro cardi (montparnasse) is notoriously too small in the shoulders and arms - this along with the stripes has decided it for me - another into the frog pond... and so with the shrug - i realised that nearly all of my clothes are black or purple and i was never going to wear a pink shrug. i might turn it into a shawl...