Monday, March 24, 2008

more productivity

today i also:
  • did some eucalyptus dyeing from the india flint book revered below. hot eucalyptus dyeing makes the whole house smell clean
  • this is my favourite piece - the pattern reminds me of cuttlefish eyes. i wrapped a shell in a strip of white silk and bound it with a rubber band before putting it in the dye bath
  • made the christmas cake (lent is over, after all). the fruit has been wallowing in a cocktail of brandy, whiskey, cointreau and grand marnier since the week the before christmas. it has another hour to go in the oven and smells wonderful


Jodie said...

Wow , christmas cake already. I feel so disorganised.

lisette said...

i feel i should point out that the chirstmas cake was for last not next christmas....