Thursday, March 13, 2008

i demand a climate refund

it's sooooo hot and will be sooooo hot until next thursday :(

it struck me this afternoon as i toiled my way through the viscous heat to the station that when i was a kid in the seventies there was great gloomy prophecy about the dire consequences of pollution - we were shown grainy flickering films in the school library of pipes disgorging filth into rivers and lakes, smoke pouring into the sky and assorted dead wildlife. all this has come to pass BUT the big killer prophecy was that this would all lead to an ice age. An Ice Age. not global warming but an ice age. not days and days of 35 degrees and hot nights but an ice age. and if the pollution didn't cause the ice age there would be a nuclear winter.

where is it????

(btw i do not want any vexatious correspondence from adelaide where it has been 60 gazillion degrees for weeks and will continue to be 60 gazillion degrees for the foreseeable future)

if it ever cools down i will make something and write about it - promise

1 comment:

catsmum said...

you had to tell me that it's going to stay this hot till THURSDAY !!
I was having enough trouble dealing with it being this hot until Sunday and now I know there'll be four more days of it.
Just as well you are my very dear friend because, were you not, I could really really not like you round about now for being the bearer of bad tidings [ tongue firmly in cheek there ]