Tuesday, February 28, 2006


jane austen was my age when she died. as tom lehrer said "when mozart was my age he had been dead for 3 years" or something like that. seriously it does make you feel a tad mediocre.

i've just finished reading claire tomalin's brilliant biography of ms austen and it is warm and compassionate and witty. i loved her biography of samuel pepys too

today i have folded washing, put washing in the machine, hung out washing and contemplated what has still to be washed - i feel like mrs tiggywinkle :(

i have also
  • fed the cumquat, lemon and seville orange trees
  • tended to my sick with a bad cold A
  • watched bear in the big blue house with W
  • worried over E's hat whihc i'm afraid will be too big for her
  • lay in the big bed with W getting him to sleep while finishing the jane austen bio
  • surfed the net looking for fabulous fleece artist yarn and also blue moon fibre arts yarn, both of which i covet deeply and jealously and neither of which are sold in oz. i must remind myself of my stash and lack of money and look forward to the bendigo sheep and wool show in july

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