Tuesday, February 07, 2006

productive? moi?

after some angst the borders on the convergence quilt are done (i was going to do mitred borders but something went terribly wrong - so we have 'normal' unmitred ones - don't ask). as this is going to hang in michael's office the quilting needs to be as good as i can make it so i have been practising my free motion quilting and guess what - having a darning foot makes all the difference :) the quilt is made using ricky tims' convergence method which is like magic - you have to be careful and not mix up your strips and follow his directions to the letter to get the effect.

on the knitting front i have finished one of michael's socks using bendigo wool mill's rustic 8 ply - i'll take a pic when i have finished the other one, hopefully by next weekend.

i also made a hat for my niece who turns 1 tomorrow (happy birthday lillian!) out of the most pretty but most god awful mohair acrylic mix that i have ever had the misfortune to knit with. it was a lovely swirly pink and white fluffy yarn that was sticky and hard on my hands and i hated working with it so much that i didn't want a photot to remind me of the pain of knitting with it. there was half a skein left when i finished the hat and it gave me great pleasure to throw it (the leftover wool not the hat) in the bin. the hat looked pretty and the pattern is great, easy to follow and fast to knit - it's dylan's hat from leigh radford's alterknits. i'll use it to knit a hat for w - with some lovely soft handspun from the spinners and weavers guild


Susan George said...

you have been very productive!!!

LittleMissMeshell said...

The quilt is GORGEOUS! I am in love with the colours :)