Sunday, February 26, 2006


it's been a bit quiet here - due to back constraints i haven't been doing any sewing. although i'm doing my physio exercises and starting pilates soon so i hope to be back to the quilting soon.

i did finish susan's pincushion though:

i've also been knitting - a pair of socks, a hat for A and i've started a hat for E. Hat for W will be next and then a shrug for me. hopefully by then the jo sharp silkroad dk that i ordered from knitter's workshop be will be here so i can knit this in a lovely green called cedar i think.

the spring interweave knits arrived this week and i can't say i was inspired to make any of the projects in it. i do like reading the ads though....

on the other hand my across australia catalogue arrived this week too and the quilts in this exhibition are mind blowing. see details here at the curator dijanne cevaal's blog
and in the new down under quilts.


Suse said...

Did you know the collective noun for a group of peacocks, is an ostentation of peacocks? I wonder what is the term for a group of peacock feathers?!

lisette said...

i love collective nouns - i saw your list on your blog. maybe an unfolding of peacock feathers?? or a parade?

Susan George said...

thank you for the pin cushion - love the fabric. Ostentatious? Well certainly sumptuous!