Tuesday, September 29, 2015

weekend in the country

We had a lovely, long weekend in the country.
 There were gentle walks

 to see the sunset and the perigee full moon rise
 There was companionable sitting on the verandah, reading, writing and drawing
 This was the view from my chair

 And I wore my new favourite t shirt.


Kit Lang said...

What does the t-shirt say? Feminist killjoy? What does that mean?

Felicity said...

I wear it as a defiant rebuttal of people who equate 'feminist' with 'sour manhater' - just as the Destroy the Joint movement here took the misogynist attacks on our late female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and turned them upside down. The same thing happened with 'frightbat' as a term of abuse for women who stand up for themselves.

I feel I'm not explaining it very well but it's about taking your power back and defusing the misogyny.