Wednesday, September 09, 2015

studio fabric storage #1

One of the luxuries of my new studio is having a cupboard to store some of my fabric where I can see it. This is much more important than you might think because unless I can see something, whether it's fabric, paint, thread, or books, it might as well not exist. So filing cabinets, opaque boxes and drawers are no good for me - I need to be able to see all the possibilities.

Here is my fabric wardrobe with some of my more precious bits: on the left is the Wedding Dress Project which is gradually evolving, behind that are rolls of fusible web, sinemay, bookbinder's mull and buckram (aren't they wonderful words??)

Then there is a wooden shoe rack with wool blanketing, damask tablecloths and some vintage Japanese hemp on the bottom shelf: cottons and vintage French hemp on the next shelf up and silks on the shelf above that. On the top shelf is my mending basket, cotton and silk organdies, mulberry bark and a reel of feathers bought at a bargain price from Clegs' closing down sale.

Hanging from the rail above is my feather collection gleaned from quite a few beach visits. And hanging on the back of the door is my studio apron, two largeish pieces of hemp, and stitched and dyed strips from another project that is evolving.


Chez said...

They are indeed wonderful words!

Living to work - working to live said...

I think buckram might be my word of the day! It sounds very rich! The dogs are now looking at me as if I've gone bonkers.