Sunday, September 06, 2015

new studio news

As in "new studio"! The eldest sprog moved out a few weeks ago and W suggested I needed more creative space (I know!!)

So here is the new "dry studio" mostly moved in:
Lots of room and light
And here is the "wet studio" looking rather shambolic (although it's a lot easier to get to the washing machine). I'll be playing with paint, dye and clay in here and doing some printing.
It has been rather sobering to move the stitching and drawing stash - I have a LOT of silk chiffon.

 And now my studio table posts will look rather like this:


Velma Bolyard said...

more light + more space = more art (i know it doesn't but it does mean there's room to DO STUFF!) lovely to have more room.

librarygirl said...

One of your babies gone! That's us also. Xx lovely dry studio though, nice to spread out.