Thursday, December 15, 2011

hey, remember this?

as reported here

well, in the interests of truthful reporting i need to tell you that my back is better :) i found a brilliant osteopath who doesn't do crunchy things to your vertebrae but is stern on the matter of doing your exercises.

so my back is stronger and happier; i no longer live in fear of hurting it by doing reckless things like pushing supermarket trolleys.

looking back over other posts this time last year, i can also report that 12 months on i am no longer troubled by demons in the night nor the scars in my soul, which are still there but not quite so scarifying. painful things have been tackled and worked through this year - the motto for 2011 could be keep pushing, don't give up.

the motto for 2012 - renewal, reinvent, reorient.

time to hop out of the cocoon.....

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