Thursday, December 15, 2011

while we're reminiscing and updating.....

last year i said this about me......

2011 version:

  1. i like having crimson purple toe nails
  2. i hate bad manners - tick
  3. i am a grammar-phile and an apostrophe nazi - tick and have found soul mate in Kind Dog who shares my grammar prejudices right thinking
  4. i'm afraid of heights, and other people's anger - still a heightophobe but can deal better now with anger because i expect is less (again thanks to Kind Dog, who shows me constantly that anger is not inevitable)
  5. i love sleeping in - tick
  6. hell is having nothing to read (as well as other people) - God, yes
  7. colour IS its own reward - yup
  8. tea is a great restorative - yup and KD's coffee
  9. chocolate is a great comfort - the biggest change. i have kicked the sugar habit, folks and feel a gazillion times better for it
  10. love is all you really need - yes yes YES


Suse said...

such a year of change for you :)

Sandy at Discovery Cloth said...

love your list. Makes me want to make one. I am with you on #4 with both. Look forward to hearing next years! Sandy