Sunday, December 11, 2011

once more, with words

i meant to tell you what was what in that last post but found it too difficult. these are very painful and soothing to make - a good healing process but it also means poking around in a very painful place that i have avoided for years.

but i will take you through the mechanics of making these little talismans without dwelling too much on the meaning.
first i take an arm's length of plumber's hemp - forming it into a figure eight around my left thumb and little finger
 i take a strip torn from an old linen napkin
then carefully and gently i wrap and fold the linen around the little body, tucking and smoothing as i go to make it as comfortable as possible.
 like swaddling a small baby to soothe and reassure it.
keep wrapping and tucking until i come to the end of the strip, then hold the end with a pin and start stitching it safely into a bundle, held safe.

i made another larger talisman too - this time using some eucalyptus dyed silk. 
this one is 9 inches long - the smaller ones are between four and five inches.

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DIAN said...

I have just read your last posts. How beautiful and moving.

The remembrance and holding of your tiny babies is such a special thing and you have found a meaningful way to do that.

Thanks for sharing with us - I am sure it was not easy. Grief is so personal and universal at the same time.